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If you are a contractor or a construction company, we need you.

AVstructure LLC is a Construction Management and Property Development Company based in California, we do Commercial or Residential Constructions. Our Mission, to find the best value and quality of work for our clients, also we do all the permits and needed paper works. With our Transparency, we will find the best contractors in field, to make sure we are qualified to make your dream property as expected if not better. Because of our large client's waiting list we are always looking for professionals like you. Our clients are looking for a professional like you. Our process is simple, we find projects, then we assign them to you within your field. After submitting the form, we will review your submission. In case you are approved by our legal team, you will then receive an email from us welcoming you to AVstructure team. Expect anytime to contact you for new projects around your area, within your field. In case of covering different Areas than your City or Zipcode, please add the States/Cities/ZipCodes within the note field. Looking forward to working with you.